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Friday, 02 December 2022
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Helping People Succeed

Helping You Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually, Financially, Sexually and in all other ways. How Can we Help You Today ?

Please Call us at (+65)94568805 or Email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it now for For Personal Coaching.

Everyday in Everyway, Helping YOU Become Better, Better and Better.

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Pathway Packages

Pathway Packages

We are learning as we go that there are certain patterns along the paths that people are choosing to travel. The packages you will find on this page are a reflection of these patterns. We offer these as suggestions or nudges to give you direction as you navigate toward your objectives. Because the areas of spiritual healing, energy work and interdimensional communication is relatively unfamiliar to many who visit our site, we are hoping to ease the confusion by offering these ideas as Pathway Packages.

You will notice that some packages have items that, at first glance, appear to be repeating. However, clearing a belief cluster in one area may be completely different when applied to another area. For example, the House of Cards (HOC) around Self-Responsibility is in the Life Transitions package, as well as in the Anger Management Package. The energetic work will be quite a bit different based on the context behind Self-Responsibility within the areas of anger and working through changes in our lives.

So, even though the names of the items may be similar, each package is self contained and carefully designed to focus on that issue directly.

The Foundation package is vital, especially if you are serious about your growth, healing, ascension process. Before deep work can be accomplished effectively you need to be clear of negative thought forms and entities. These can play a major part in how well all the other work you do sinks in. This Foundation Package will also include removing any drains and implants I may find as I'm working. If you suspect you are under spiritual attack it would be helpful to describe your situation in your order.

The New! Life Transitions Package is another one that almost everyone can benefit from. It is all about clearing beliefs that keep us from moving through changes in our lives. Changes are inevitable. The more flexible we become the more easily we can create the life we are wanting for ourselves.


All Pathway Packages may be completed during Marlana phone sessions 
or through Email. The price to accomplish the same work in Marlana phone sessions will vary due to the individualized nature of these sessions.

Email fees are based on price per item while 
phone sessions are based on price per hour.


The pricing below is for Email requests only.


Here is a complete list of all of our Pathway Packages:

Foundation Package -$210.00 This one is recommended to give all other work the highest opportunity for success.

Living Life Packages

  •  New! Life Transitions - $180.00 Someone once said that the only constant in life is change. That concept is the basis for this package. We are working on clearing beliefs that keep us stuck in situations that are no longer working. You might want to consider this package to be like "Part B" to the Foundation Package.

  • Prosperity - $180.00 Most of us are wanting more abundance and prosperity than we currently have in our lives. This package centers around clearing away those blocks and beliefs that are standing in your way. Consider this an important step in the process of changing your status from what you have come to believe is "all there is" to learning how to bring your wishes into your reality
  • New! Career - $180.00 This is for you if you are in your life's career, or in the midst of creating your dream job. You know what you want to do, and yet you know you have some things that need to be dusted away.

  • New! College Students - $180.00 You have decided make the commitment of higher education. This package is a great way to help ease the fundamental stresses of college demands. 

  • Searching for Soulmates - $180.00 This is the package you are looking for if you are ready to find new relationships, including friends, not limiting yourself to romance only. The focus here is clearing away old energies, and embracing new ones. 

  • New! Supporting Healthy Relationships - $240.00 for one, $390.00 for two This is the one for you if you are happy in your relationship and you want it to be even stronger, more in balance and more trusting. This work will be most effective if both of you have your own individual package done. Because the clearings of Karma, soul contracts and soul fragments, between you both can be done at the same time, that saves me time and you money. 

  • New! Parenting - $180.00 If you are wanting to be a better parent, teach your children how to be happy and create their own bountiful lives, then you are right where you belong. Healing yourself first, is how we will not only heal our families, but this is how we will heal our world.

  • Health and Aging - $210.00 Whether you have a serious illness or you simply want to clear away the cobwebs of aging, this package is a great step to take in supporting your body and its connection to your mind and spirit. 

Emotional Well Being Packages

  • New! Personal Power - $210.00 We so often fear our own greatness. Now it's time to give yourself room to grow into your full potential. Release your concerns about "out shining" those you love. Imagine how great you can feel when you embrace your power with no more worries about being "too proud" or inadvertently misusing your power. You ARE powerful! Let's clear those beliefs that keep you in that illusive state of powerlessness.

  • New! Anger Management - $240.00 Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions we experience as humans. Anger is a powerful form of communication. It is a clear signal that something is being misunderstood, ignored or overlooked in a relationship. It can be the fire beneath us when we need to get moving or when we need to fight rather than hide or run. 

  • New! Emotional Balance - $210.00 Let's begin the necessary work to allow all of our emotional energy to be in balance within our awareness.

Clearing Packages

  • General Clearing Between You and a Specific Person - $90.00 This combination is especially helpful in troubled relationships of all kinds. You will need to name the person, we can not clear for everyone in your life all at one time, Marlana needs to find the energy field of the other person, and yours, then the work is carried out. 

  • Complete Clearing Between You and a Specific Person - $90.00 You may be interested in this combination if you have someone in your life who is angry with you and/or wants revenge. Be sure you have no intentions of ever having a relationship with them. This combination is powerful, however, we DO NOT PROMISE it will keep you physically safe if you are in a violent situation. 

  • Entity Clearing Between You and Whatever We Find - $120.00Have you been wondering if you are crazy? Maybe you feel angry, fearful resentful and so on and really can't find a solid reason for those feelings? Ever had the feeling you may have been abducted by aliens? How about addictions... smoking, drinking, drugs, shopping? Maybe you just keep feeling like someone's watching you. This combination may be just what you need to get some peace.

Spirituality and Intuition Packages


  • New! Awakening Intuition - $210.00 This is the starting place!! Jump right in and let's get you moving into your heart's calling. No more stalling, you can do this. You know you can. Clearing away the fears and questions is just what you need to set your Spirit free.

  • New! Soul Alignment - $180.00 This package is focusing on moving our soul into alignment with our life's purpose or plan. Kryon talks about how we plan our lives before we come into each life time. Now we can clear away the resistance we bump into when we try to get our feet firmly centered and moving on our life's path.

  • New! Spiritual Growth - $210.00 Are you ready to give yourself a nice big Soul-Shifting experience? If reading the descriptions below makes sense to you, then you are ready to do this work. The best way to get the most out of this package is to adopt an attitude of already being enlightened. Pretending to be where you want to grow to sends a message to your unconscious of acceptance and safety.


Foundation Package - $210.00 
We recommend this package be done before all other Pathway Packages.

I have discovered over time, that most of us are being influenced by other energies. This isn't always true, but because of our "Free Will" status, other beings want to know more about us. This is nothing to be afraid of, or to worry about, yet it is one more area we need to wake up to.

Even if you have learned and practice keeping your space clear of the energies of others, this package can help you maintain your work with much less effort on your part. Especially if you consider yourself a Lightworker or a healer of some kind, you are more at risk for absorbing energies that surround you.

  1. Filtering Shield: We create your filtering shield first, so you stay protected as we clear other energies. We add a feature that helps you keep your own energy free of negative thoughts you, yourself, may be creating.

  2. Entity or Slow Energy Clearing: This clears the way for new beliefs to come in more easily. More information on entities.

  3. DNA Activation: You need all of your DNA strands to wake up and take notice as you move into deeper work within your being.

  4. Releasing the Shadow Side: Powerful, often dramatic. This one helps you move into change more easily and integrate new beliefs into your being with much less resistance. 

  5. Self Esteem: It is amazing how so many of us struggle with taking in the beauty of who we are. 
  6. Enlightenment: We have noticed what we call a seed fear of ascension or enlightenment. Some say that many of us were in Atlantis and misused our power and now we are afraid of taking our power. This is yet another way to clear the path for more detailed work.
  7. Self-Responsibility: This issue appears to be at the root of making any major changes. We seem to be saying, for example..."If I no longer hold this belief I have had all of my life how will I be? This old belief has kept me from participating in life, it has been my excuse for hiding. If it disappears, I will be overwhelmed with responsibility."

How to Order any Package:

  1. Complete the payment through one of the links in the table below or through the links on the individual package page, or by calling our office with your Visa or Mastercard information.
  2. Upon completion of your payment, you will be taken to a page so that you may complete the needed nonpayment (descriptive), information for your package. If for some reason you are not transferred to this completion page then return here and go to this page to complete the order. Thank you.
Testimonials & Letters Of Appreciation





 “Excellent - knows his subject & presents it with humour. Always keen to make sure you’ve understood. Committed to teaching.”

Nilima Bhat, A. Director, Bulletin International


“Very knowledge & amiable. On task & earnest.”

Lau Swee Chin, Principal, CHIJ (Toa Payoh)


“A very effective communicator. Knowledgeable & lively presenter.”

Goh Ah Seng, Head of Science Dept,  Jubilee Primary School


“Communicated effectively. Lesson punctuated with interesting thoughts he shared.”

Lak Pati Singh, Principal, Changkat Changi Sec. School


“Well versed in the subject. Gives clear instructions & explanations. Very helpful. He’s a wonderful lecturer.”

Teo Keok Seng, MOE teacher


 “Am I supposed to sing praises ??? Well, great sense of humour. Brings across the lesson to us. We underst& him on the spot. Not monotonous.”

Waheeda Rahman, NUS Undergraduate


“Ha ! So Humorous ! He’s a nice lecturer; allows us to learn as we play.”

Lim Hwee Sing, ‘A’ Level Student, Catholic Junior College


 “Very helpful, kind & patient. He makes sure that everyone knows the stuff before he proceeds on.”

Tan Chuen Kiat, Engineering Undergraduate, NTU


“Humorous, sometimes cheeky ! Overall very helpful.”

Aidliana Bte Saat, Administrative Officer


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Singh for his great patience & understanding, as I was lost when I started this course, but am no longer so !”

Margaret Teng, Housemaker

“Very good. Knows his subject extremely well. Can continue lecturing while observing all that goes around him - Amazing ! Made the class a fun learning experience in Singapore, lah !”

De Ann Lee, Expatriate, Communications Trainer


“Patient & understanding in helping the participants grasp the difficult parts of the course. Good.”

Madeline Chan, MOE Teacher


“He is very friendly & jokes throughout the 3 hours, ensuring that the lessons are not boring. He makes sure that we underst& what he teaches.”

R Paramesawari, ‘O’ Level Student


“He’s a good & funny sir. Each time I am so tired after work, he makes it a joy to come for class. He make me relax & at the same time I learn more about computers.”

A Tired Man (Anonymous)



“Very helpful & patient person. Willing to spend time in teaching the steps.”

Zuharah, ‘O’ Level Student


“Very knowledgeable, Effective Delivery, Friendly, will like him as lecturer in the future.”

Ng Leng Eng, MOE teacher


“He’s very patient & willing to teach even though we may ask the same thing several times. He’s cool & funny.”

Habita Bte Ismail, Customer Service Officer, Sparks


“Knows his stuff well. A good instructor. Friendly, polite, patient, gives clear explanations. Sometimes a bit too fast or maybe we are slow in grasping the concepts.”

Dorothy Tan, HOD Maths,   CHIJ (Toa Payoh)


 “Humourous. Able to relate the subject matter to everyday events - something easier for us to relate to.”

Gundoo - A confirmed slow learner.



Personal Commendation Letter to Pal from the President, Marriott Vacation Club International And Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Service, Marriott.


Dear Harminder,


It is with great pleasure that we recognize you as one of the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Executives in the company for 2008…. the top 5% level of a talented sales force, it is an accomplishment to savour and enjoy. Congratulations on your selection!


… this selection is Unique in that it carries elements of qualitative judgement as well:  high performers who also made other significant contributions to the team over the course of the year;


Ø      mentoring newer members of the team,

Ø      participating in training programs in a leadership capacity,

Ø      providing extra support to management at period ends

Ø      being a great teammate to your colleagues and co-workers.

We want you to know that we sincerely appreciate the intangible benefits that  you provide to your operations as well as the tangible benefits of a great sales performance of the year.


We also want you to know how much we value you as a member of our team.. our front liners are the backbone of this business. The leadership that you provide to your peers is an invaluable source of inspiration and confidence at a time when many of them are seeking positive direction. Your ability to outperform in face of diversity is impressive. We need you to continue to provide that leadership into 2009.


We want to thank you and congratulate you for an outstanding2008 and wish you great success in 2009.




Steve Weisz, President,
Marriott Vacation Club International


Brian Miller, Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Service, Marriott





Letters Of Appreciation from Network Marketing Course Graduates

Some of my team members and myself have attended the following training.  This course is definitely telling us much much more than we learnt from our TNI NDO or NDT.

Last year, I paid $600 plus to attend Randy Gage Two days Diamond Weekend did not even cover much on the “How to”  skill.  In the following course I learnt a lot of “how to” skill and techniques which are very useful.

Just the magic & power of questions is worth the value of the course.

Therefore, if you know your reason why you take up the opportunity in Network Marketing, then it is about time to learn the “how to” proceed with your business.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.


Best regards, M. K.





I learned how to write email messages another ROM for prospecting. Definitely I going to send out email by this week to a group of 10 friends and see whether what you teach us is effective. No harm trying each ROM and see what works for me.  

The next 3 important things I learned is listening, objections and closing skills. I planned to practice that with my business partner once I received the 60 questions from you. I have been making cold calls and meeting merchants but am unable to close any. Next time presentation must asked my business partner along and help me spot the mistakes that I make.


Regards,    S. H.



Throughout the 2 days training session, I’ve learned a lot and the most important lesson that I’ve learned is “it is just a waste of my time, my ink and my paper after attending the session if I do not apply what I’ve learned to the real life business”. So, I am trying to apply what I’ve learned as much as possible when I meet up with prospect.


Another thing I really like in the session is the magic and power of questions. Good questions are very important and my uplines always remind me of “asking better questions”. However, this is not an easy task. So, I’m still learning how to ask better questions and at the same time learn to categorize them accordingly e.g. perspective questions, learning questions etc, so that I can clearly understand the reason why I wanna ask that question instead of others.


Yupz, that’s all what I would like to share with you. J 


S. Y.




First, I want to thank you and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day training. I really got very good positive vibes which for some reasons are not as strong and even negative at times when WE are in a smaller group. Please explain trainer? I am lost.

I’ve already been applying most of the Sales techniques in my present job as a World booker. What I need is a “kick” every time I procrastinate. Would u kick me, my trainer?

The objective of my attending the training was to strengthen and shorten the time it takes to make my million in club2020 by leveraging on your training. How can I send anyone for a course that I myself have not taken and do not know anything about. I ALWAYS am the first guinea pig myself before recommending it to others. That’s a sign of leadership – lead by example, right my trainer?


S.  S



Hi Pal, I learn how to take control of my own life. Get focused. Waste no time. Apply what successful people have done and use these as my own. There is so much to learn that I think it is best to put theories into practice. That way I can learn and gain more experience. It is experience and sharpening of my skills that I can bring along throughout my life.


I firmly believe that this can work. I know that there are many people who are still living in reality and not dreaming of the dreams they had for themselves when they first touched Club2020. Dreams of total financial freedom, more personal time and early retirement.


I want to have residual income. I am a pioneer in Club2020. I have got a good leader that is you. Great things need to be done by great people. Best things will only belong to those that seize the opportunity. I want to break away from having to sell products in traditional MLMs. This Club2020 gives me the edge to cover the truth about businesses. Bring customers to companies to create repeat businesses and benefit for both customers and business owners. These are the fundamentals of all businesses. Knowing the bosses of companies narrows my gap to become rich. I for one believe that to know a boss you have to be a boss. Where to get the leverage to become a boss so easily?


H. C



Special CD available for you Today !
Welcome to

Helping People Succeed

Everyday in Everyway, Helping YOU Become Better, Better and Better.

Helping You Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually, Financially, Sexually and in all other ways. How Can we Help You Today ?

Please Call us at (+65) 9456 8805  or Email us: now for For Personal Coaching.



Helping People Succeed

Helping You Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually, Financially, Sexually and in all other ways. How Can we Help You Today ?

Please Call us at (+65)94568805 or Email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it now for For Personal Coaching.

Everyday in Everyway, Helping YOU Become Better, Better and Better.

1 session is only  $188
2 sessions are at $168 each
3 sessions are at $148 each
4 sessions are at $128 each
5 sessions are at $108 each
6 sessions are at $ 88 each Only!
...thus saving you $600! Best Value in town!

Do let us know when you want to sign up and we can proceed with you applications immediately! Our consultants are standing by to take your order. Call (+65) 94568805 now!

Limited Time Offer. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime

Take advantage of it now, before it is gone!

Thank you.



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